Skincare Sunday #1 | Apple Cider Vinegar for Sunburns?

Edit: I thought I had scheduled this post for Sunday… 🙃


I’m excited to announce a new series I’d like to take on and be faithful to: Skincare Sunday! I feel like skincare is something almost every person engages in; we generally all shower and try to remain clean. We have skin all over our body and we all try to maintain it.

I have extremely dry, Sahara-esque, winter-wonderland-blizzard-of-dry-patches-and-flakes skin, so I have tried many products to quench my thirstyyyy skin. Sharing my tips and insights on dry skin products would be helpful because skincare will never go out of style. It’s as if though skincare has been pushed to the forefront and recognized as a key factor in “good” makeup (what’s good makeup anyway?).

I plan to continue this series religiously and I want you all to hold me accountable‼️ I will have guest writers share their insight on oily skin products + share some of their secrets for keeping their mighty oils at bay. Feel free to make requests down below or on my social media pages 😊


Now that it’s officially spring, sun activities are becoming more popular. I live in Miami (not really but you know what I mean lmao) so sun exposure is apart of my daily life. It goes without saying that sunscreen is an integral part of the lives of Miamians, or it should be.

I’ve already gotten sunburned and it was uncomfortable. The worst part was that I didn’t have an aloe vera gel or milk of magnesia (my family is Dominican and we pour this on sunburns. Nothing alleviates the skin better than this). It was pretty late and I didn’t want to go shop for aloe vera and Googled what products in my pantry could alleviate this sunburn. I would’ve never expected it, but I saw apple cider vinegar on every website I checked.

If I didn’t douse myself in apple cider vinegar that night, my skin would peeled off in one piece. I’m not even remotely kidding when I say that this transformed my skin. My skin’s redness literally reduced by 10 SHADES. I felt like all the heat trapped in my skin was released.


This was a HUGE improvement. Imagine my skin sooooo much redder. I honestly feel relieved looking at this lmao.

I bought aloe vera the next day and it didn’t do nearly as much as the apple cider vinegar. I’m seriously going to do this the next time that my skin gets burnt. It smells strongly, but it fades away. It feels strange, but once your skin absorbs it and you bundle up in your fave PJs, it’s all good.

If you want to apply it, I suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Pour apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle. Add water to the mixture to dilute it; vinegar can cause burns unless there is contact with water.
  2. Jump in the shower and wash your skin. Use cold water and liberally apply soap — soap can dry out your skin and harm the sunburnt skin even more.
  3. Once you’re done showering, spritz the apple cider vinegar all over your body. Let it sit until your skin has absorbed it. Another alternative is pouring the contents of the bottle onto a damp towel and placing that on your skin.
  4. Leave it on for 10 minutes or keep it on until the next day. Many online websites instructed me to wash it off after 10 minutes, but didn’t say why. Leaving it on overnight really helped soothe my skin. It also prevented peeling on the areas where most it was concentrated.

It sounds odd to pour apple cider vinegar on the skin, but trust me when I say that it works. I’m trying to avoid having a sunburn, but if I happen to get another one 😅  best believe that I’m going straight to the apple cider vinegar‼️

Would you try apple cider vinegar on your sunburn? 👀  if you do, let me know how it went!

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