A Style Guide for Spain

Tapas, wine, siesta, repeat.

Probably my favorite tapas in Spain. It’s from La Cantina Mexicana in Seville. Miss this place so much!


I hate wine lol, but visiting Bodegas Portias Grupo Faustino was cool!


Spain sounds like the ultimate vacation destination, doesn’t it? It has a very relaxed culture and lifestyle. Same goes for its attire.


Before embarking on the voyage known as study abroad, my professors made it seem like Spanish fashion was very formal and unforgiving of crop tops and shorts. My professors even told us the tale of how some girls on a past trip wore crop tops and were approach by Spaniards for prostitution services 😶


My professors also said that everyone in Spain rocks high-quality clothing and that’s apparently obvious. You know that’ll for sure burn a hole in your pocket 🔥💰🔥💰🔥


Fake news: Spain’s attire is actually pretty chill.


I must admit that no one really wore crop tops and short shorts; people opted for longer, flowy and breathable articles of clothing. Everyone was well-dressed everywhere I went. I fitted right in because I overdress for everything lol.


It wasn’t over-the-top, though. You most likely won’t feel out of place clothing-wise. Just dress a bit nicer than you usually would. If you’d wear shorts and a t-shirt, make it the nicer pair of shorts you own and a t-shirt that flatters you. Maybe wear pants instead. If you want to remain comfy and not dress up, consider some accessories to spruce up your look. Spaniards are the master of the comfy chic look.


My top recommendations for clothes in Spain are flowy tops and dresses (it’s HOT and you need something light and airy), comfy pants (ripped is okay!), shorts and skirts that aren’t too short and comfy walking shoes (those cobblestone streets are unforgiving).



I brought this flowy top that was dressy enough for a night out in the shopping district and light enough so I wouldn’t suffocate from the Spanish heat 🙃 Spain has a very dry heat, so bear that in mind — even at night! Also, these sandals were cute, but not comfy enough for a long day of walking, just a relaxed outing.



This sleeveless maxi dress was flattering, kept everything in check and was ideal for the Spanish heat in Madrid 😎



My go-to comfy pants were these ripped jeans I picked up at Ross. They are a very high-quality denim and paired so well with many looks. Prior to study abroad, I researched if ripped jeans were appropriate (my professors got me paranoid lmao) and I found out they’re very popular in Spain. Also, these are my comfy sandals. If I’m not feeling sneakers, I wear these.


Tell me: doesn’t this look like the set of a DJ Khaled video?! It’s actually the Real Alcázar de Sevilla lol 😂


My next look with jeans was for Plaza de España, where they shot a Star Wars movie! (Don’t be fooled; I’m not a fan of the franchise nor have I seen any of the movies lmao)


Seville was a bit chilly that day, so be sure to bring outerwear! I recommend a heavier jacket, like a rain jacket/ coat, and something lighter like a cardigan. The rain jacket is convenient for rain and colds, unexpected days. The cardigan is light enough to complete a look without feeling uncomfortably hot or tie around your waist just in case you get chilly. If it’s very cold, you can layer them!



Here’s a glimpse of some outfits on the trip. They’re appropriate, comfy and stylish!



Here are some from a night out! Don’t feel like respecting a culture’s usual attire sacrifices the ability to look and feel good.


My rules also apply to men! Instead of the dresses — unless of course that’s your wave and you wanna keep riding it 🌊 — opt for the same, light and airy pieces and nicer looking items.



Take Adrian for example:


And don’t focus on Erica’s facial expression 😂


I hope this guide helped! I kept it as relaxed as Spain’s attire. You know I had to be strict with my Moroccan Style Guide because the dress code is very conservative and many people don’t know how to follow directions 🤐🙃


Let me know if you’ve been to Spain and how your experience was! If you can shopping in Spain; they have such cute clothing stores!! These are my favorite:




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Thanks for reading! 💋


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