Beauty Influencers and the Power of their Platforms

YouTube has grown and changed exponentially in the past 5 years. Many people are making a career out of YouTube videos and possibly online sponsorships. It’s increasingly becoming a career option for many people seeking to be their own boss. As a YouTuber, you are essentially a brand and manage yourself as a business. It’s also a dream or option for makeup enthusiasts and artists. However, only a select few get the opportunity to become a YouTube sensation.

With YouTube fame, there comes unsaid responsibility and power. Large platforms grant a pundit and an audience that’s most likely going to listen to you religiously. If you’re a budding or hot makeup guru, it’s guaranteed that products will sell out if they have your blessing. Your reviews are golden and consumers will sometimes not buy a product until you review and recommend it.

This clout and influence is powerful. It begs the question about how it should be used. Some beauty gurus boldly and unapologetically talk about other topics on their channel and platforms. A handful expressed negative sentiments towards Trump. Others chose a non-confrontational approach and encourage general action like voting. It’s a sticky subject because some audience members say it’s not a YouTuber’s place to discuss such topics. They claim that they’re not qualified enough to discuss it.

Others prefer no controversial topics to have a safe space. I have to disagree with those wanting a “safe space.” I want people to be awake and discuss uncomfortable issues. That makes me feel safe because it lets me know that the people I essentially support financially with my views aren’t complacent and care about regular people like me.

I’m not an influential member of the beauty community, so I can’t speak on behalf of the ones that are. However, even as a micro-blogger (barely) and a consumer, I feel like my opinion is valuable and worth mentioning. I wish I had a larger platform, so I can advocate for things like corporate responsibility, brands with questionable behavior and boycotting problematic brands. The only way to get to that larger platform is by discussing those issues NOW.

We, as the audience, have the power, believe it or not. The same way you choose who’s worthy enough to be your friend is the same way you should choose the media you consume or who you help become richer.

I had to say this and bring it to the forefront because I plan to discuss and dissect unsettling things taking place in the beauty industry. The beauty industry is too saturated with talent for us, as consumers, to be supporting the problematic ones. Remember, influencers are NOTHING without our support. Some people may think it’s not that deep, but anything involving money is complex. Are you really going to give money away to bad companies and people when you have choices?

I’m going to be using my voice to demand better from brands and influencers. Are you?

Stay tuned…

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  1. Violeta

    October 4, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Hey Laura, thanks for reminding us of using that one powerful resource we all have the liberty and responsibility of using for the best… Our Voice.

    Just remember, it is the sum of the small ripples that create an impact.

    1. yolauralikesbeauty

      October 6, 2017 at 12:02 am

      I agree! We should never take our liberties for granted 🇺🇸

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