Racism in the Beauty Industry #1 | Kathleenlights is Racist

There has been A LOT of drama in the beauty industry as of late. Most of it is tied to racism. These are conversations we need to have because YouTubers and beauty gurus think they’re devoid of criticism because they label it a mistake. They weren’t actually sorry; they’re just sorry they got caught. At this point, there’s no need for crocodile tears.

This is the case with esteemed Miami YouTuber Kathleenlights. She said the N word on Jaclyn Hill’s SnapChat. This is the reality: Jaclyn Hill is a snake. She claimed she didn’t hear Kathleen and her husband telling her to not post the SnapChat. If your “friend” is saying something risque or problematic, chances are you wouldn’t’ post them doing that, right? This isn’t slander; this is REALITY.

Kathleen went on Twitter to address the fiasco and as expected, fans weren’t happy. She apologized, BUT it was faulty 🤦‍♀️ This is why:

(1) She said that’s a word that’s not in her vocabulary and that she was just drunk 🤔 Um, no lmao. You don’t say words that are not in your vocabulary when you’re drunk. Chances are, you’re very true to yourself when drunk. Your true colors come. Her colors point she’s racist. NEXT 👉

1.png (2) She said she’s very sorry she did it, BUT she never said why it’s wrong. She was quick to beg for forgiveness, but not address the issue of the word at hand. White passing Hispanics can be racist, and I say that as a fellow Hispanic myself. YES, the N word makes you racist. It’s a derogatory term and it isn’t permissible ☝️

2 (3) A few days passed and she started saying that at the end of the day, she and her loved ones “know her heart”…so they know you’re racist? Congrats lmao 👏 NOT AN EXCUSE. We all have that one racist family member that we love dearly, but we know they’re in the wrong. They can be great, but they’re racist, and that makes them less great 🤷‍♀️

3.png However, her white fans came to the rescue to kiss her ass and shelter her. They also made it clear that they forgive her and that she’s amazing, even though that’s not their place and her “amazingness” is besides the point 🙄

4.png Having black family, being half-black or being fully black DOES NOT doesn’t give you permission to excuse people for saying the N word. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR AN ENTIRE GROUP 😤

65 Other fans admired her too much to call her out, but wanted her to acknowledge what she did wasn’t okay:

7.png I was pissed and commented on her video that she needs to address this issue. And yes, you guessed it; more white fans came to her rescue! 🏃‍♀️💨

910111213 Listen, Kathleen is a grown ass woman. I don’t care about what kind of anxiety she suffers. Mental illnesses are not excuses for racism. Hiding behind your fans and not directly discussing the matter on YouTube, which is her largest platform, proves she’s a coward and a racist. As seen in the comments from her fans above, they said she apologized on Twitter, but she made her account private…so much for an apology lol…

I couldn’t care less if it’s harsh; it’s the truth. She’s someone famous who had a massive slip-up and can’t even address it. PR students, this is a great example of what NOT to do in a crisis management situation lmao. Whoever manages her failed. She’s NOT a victim; don’t fall for her game of victimization. This extends beyond the beauty industry and has always existed within the makeup community; they’re capable of great damage and MUST be held accountable. Mark my words, this WILL happen again, and next time it won’t be as innocent as she’s playing it off right now.

Hold your favorites celebrities accountable. We all have problematic faves, but there’s a line. You choose who you support and watch, but remember this. If you keep watching a racist on YouTube, you’re making that racist richer. Use your time and dollars wisely 🗣

What do you think of Kathleenlights and what she did? How do you feel about this series so far? Who or what else needs to be addressed?! 👀👂

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