Photoshoot at Wynwood with Alexa | Things to do in Miami, Florida

I’ve gotten super into photography lately! By lately, I mean for a few months now lol. Study abroad pushed my interest. I wanted to capture my trip well, so I can look back to these images and relieve my experience. I went to Wynwood with my cousin Alexa a few weeks after my study abroad trip and ended up having a small photoshoot with her.

For those that don’t know, Wynwood is a poppin’ lil art district in Miami, Florida. Think of it as an outdoor museum. Several galleries are housed in this area. Many local artists showcase their art in these galleries, getting their first big break. The Walls have stunning art that periodically changes. It’s a hot spot for street artists. Iconic artist Shepard Fairy even left his mark there. If you study, make or even simply appreciate art in Miami, chances are that you’ve taken a trip to Wynwood.

There are many small business and creatives contributing to the grandeur of Wynwood. The most popular businesses happen to be restaurants and food trucks. Among some of the most popular are Kush, Coyo Taco and Panther Coffee. If you want a good taste of this lil district, visit when the Art Walks are taking place the second Saturday of every month. Or stop by during the week of Art Basel. Wynwood is a place you must visit on a trip to Miami despite what locals think!

The Glam Photoshoot

Hope you enjoyed this lil photoshoot! What are other cool places great for photoshoots in Miami? If you live outside of Miami, what areas near you that are similar to Wynwood?

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  1. violeta

    November 8, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Other cool places great for photoshoots in Miami: Parks, Nature, Vizcaya

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