yolauralikesbeauty’s 2018 Blog Goals | New Year, BETTER Me

yolauralikesbeauty’s 2018 Blog Goals | New Year, BETTER Me

Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 has started off right. There are 360 days left for that to change, plus the rest of your life 😌 I decided to start this year a little differently and prepare goals for my professional life, personal life and blog. This laundry list would help me achieve what I’ve been wanting for some time! Let’s get started with my 2018 blog goals:

Better Website
  • Update site to my exact preferences. Now that I pay for hosting, I have more access to a variety of themes and plugins. I want my blog to become a resource for all things beauty. I want someone to mention a product or beauty topic to me so I can say, “Read about it on my blog!”
  • Switch to WP hosting. I currently use Site Ground, but to my surprise and dismay, some of the coolest plugins and features I want are only available through WordPress hosting. I’ve read many articles online saying how WordPress hosting is mediocre, but I think it’ll be a good option for me until I’m well-versed with running a website!
  • Perfect blog SEO. Truthfully, I’m set on growing my blog this year, I want to reach new horizons. Better SEO will lead to more people finding my content and social media channels. I want to disseminate information and create conversations on things people gloss over. I’m ready to conquer the beauty world in 2018!!
Better Content
  • Start YouTube channel & upload at least once a month. Yes, I want to start a YouTube channel. Women with beauty channels on YouTube are like men being SoundCloud rappers lmao. I wanna hop in on the fun and improve my videography and content creation skills for my career. I actually have a lot of footage for a few videos, but I’ve been afraid to edit and upload them hehe. Also, reaching a milestone like 100K subscribers and obtaining a plaque from YouTube would be so sweet. One day!!
  • Pre-write blogs at least 2 weeks in advance. This would help me become more organized and keep my blog running well! I just want to be prepared regardless of what occurs in my life.
  • Follow blog calendar. This ties back into my previous goal. I made a very in-depth calendar in 2017 and had trouble following it. I want to make my ideas come to life in an organized and realistic way and time frame.
  • Host giveaways. I want to host my first giveaway a 1K followers! Stay tuned hehe 😉
New Opportunities
  • Monetize blog. I’d love to make some money off of something I love! I’ve always wanted to run my own business, so I think this would be a good start. Plus, extra money can lead to additional resources to create even better content for my blog. I hope to reach 10K views on YouTube as well, so I can make money from there!
  • Increase Instagram and FB followers. I enjoy my content a lot and I’d like to share it with more people! Plus, I’d have more access I’d have to better opportunities for my blog and professional career with more followers.
  • One collab a month. I love partnering with others and featuring their work on my blog. I’ve had success with collabs in 2017, so I’d like to keep them going!
  • Work with at least one brand/ company. It might come off as ambitious, but I’m determined to work one brand this year! Whether it’s a free or paid review or just creating content for that brand, I want to be able to show what yolauralikesbeauty is capable of!

What are some of your goals for 2018? Feel free to share them; someone might feel inspired to do the same thing!

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Thanks for reading! 💋

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