Avoid At ALL Costs Gurl | Controversial Brands

Avoid At ALL Costs Gurl | Controversial Brands

Branding is everything today, especially for me. As an advertising major, I can figure out what a brand’s goal is and what tactics they’re using to execute those goals. Being involved in advertising and the communications industry has helped me look beyond a brand’s strategies. I feel like I can’t be fooled by brands.

My major has also taught me that brands work somewhat like people because brands try to relate to consumers and create relationships with them. As with people, if someone is doing things you deem as unethical, toxic or problematic, you would ideally distance yourself from them. This is applicable to brands, even more so I think, because brands have the ultimate goal of profiting. Are you going to fund something problematic? Do you feel comfortable investing your money into unethical agendas?

Those questions led me to be very wary of the brands I support. I elaborated on this and shopping with a moral compass in a previous post. I compiled a list of controversial brands that you should consider avoiding on AirTable, a site where you can create spreadsheets online and share with others.

The brands I list are the ones I find to be controversial. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’ll list why I find these brands to be problematic, my proof, whether or not I have bought from them and why, and anything else I think is relevant. I let you know whether or not I have supported them and will continue to do so. Some of these brands rectified their controversies and have gained my trust back for the time being. Brands are also capable of great things and that is something worth noting.

If you have any controversial brands to add to this list, not just makeup, let me know! Comment on this post or on any of my social media pages: Instagram Twitter Facebook. This list will automatically update itself as I add more content to it, so look for this in my Makeup Talk section on my blog or pinned as a top post on my Facebook and Twitter pages. If I ever unpin these posts from Twitter and Facebook, I can always tweet you a link or you can search “controversial brands” on my blog.

My list: https://airtable.com/embed/shrdQVvtV0DDLrv3g?backgroundColor=blue&layout=card&viewControls=on

Click on the box of a specific brand for all the important to show. If you feel like voting with your dollars isn’t enough, consider contacting these companies. Call them, email them and send them letters. We have to let them know what’s wrong with their actions. If enough people care and contact companies, there will be change. We have the power! Trust me, it may sound cheesy, but if we’re able to voice our opinions to brands, we will garner the confidence to voice out our opinions for bigger causes. We live in a capitalistic society, but we’re not obligated to uphold it or deal with its consequences.

My friend Rachel (she’s a blogger, too! Click her name for her blog link!) inspired me to start contacting brands. I will email them and post a transcript here on the blog. Don’t say quiet. Vote with your wallets!

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