Skincare Sunday #13 | C. Booth Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser | Blogmas #4

Skincare Sunday #13 | C. Booth Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser | Blogmas #4

Did you know that skin on the rest of my body is also dry? I always talk about how my face is dry, but my whole body is actually dry lol. I need to exfoliate regularly, so my skin doesn’t become like sandpaper. I enjoy using sugar scrubs for this, but I think I found something better: C. Booth Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser.

The skin on my body is pretty sensitive. I avoid soaps and bath gels with scents. I start breaking out if i use a bath product with a scent regularly. I also easily get bumps when I shave. The skin of my arm started developing little bumps that I could sort of pop like pimples (I know, gross lmao), but they weren’t. I thought it could’ve been chicken skin. I’m not totally sure. The only thing that really helps with the bumps is a physical exfoliator. (I’m testing out chemical exfoliators as we speak and I’ll report back!)

I picked up the C. Booth Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser because I saw @beauddiction rave about it on her Instagram story. Here’s the product breakdown:


  • Price: $8.99 (currently on sale at Target for $6.74!)
  • Size: 6 oz.
  • Claims: Finely granulated Charcoal and Pumice are reminiscent of a soft-powdered beach between your fingertips. These detoxifiers get right to work, polishing and purifying for a perfectly so-smooth finish. Work over skin to form a delicate foam for the added benefits of a detoxifying cleanse-in-one purifying step.
  • Instructions: Dispense a small amount over wet skin and apply in circular motions to polish and deep clean in one step. Rinse and follow with a c.Booth Body Butter or Lotion.

When I first tried out this product, I  thought it was weird lol. It felt too rough for a few minutes. I realized that I picked up too much product. Unlike the sugar scrubs I’m used to, this is straight up powder. There’s no liquid or jelly-like consistency that makes it feel hydrating. Also, the beads/ granules in sugar scrubs are typically dispersed. This product is entirely made of granules to exfoliate.

(Not my image! I took it from here.)

This feels very rough if you take too much at a time. It exfoliates very well if you use the right amount, though! My skin doesn’t feel tight or very dry afterwards. I only have a little bit of redness after because I scrub too hard lol. I rub this between my hands as well, and they feel significantly softer. The granules in this product are nearly microscopic, but it’s so powerful that I only use this once a week at most.

I follow the instructions whenever I use this product. I make sure that this is the last step during my shower routine. I start from my neck, go over my shoulders and then work my way down. I scrub my legs very gently, but scrub more rigorously everywhere else. I even pack this onto a back scrubber sponge to get every part of my back. My back has more bumps than my arms sometimes. If your skin is similar to mine, I recommend that you pick this up while it’s still on sale!

I give the C. Booth Charcoal Foaming Dry Body Polish & Cleanser a 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m now interested in trying C. Booth’s body butters and lotions!

Have you tried this scrub or any for that matter? Have you tried any other C. Booth products? Or do you have other alternatives for dry skin?

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Also, tune in every day for the rest of December for Blogmas! I’m posting a product review every single day!

This was Blogmas Day #4.

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