Skincare Sunday #11 | Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion | Blogmas #2

Skincare Sunday #11 | Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion | Blogmas #2

Breakouts are upon us. Finals week looms by and the stress of planning out the holidays envelops us. Our worst enemy – pimples – take this as their chance to strike an attack on our soft, supple faces. They’re the type of painful pimples that set deep under your skin and take forever to remove. Luckily, I called in the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion to come to our rescue!

Lol, jokes aside, my skin seriously feels like it’s under attack. I’ve been having stress breakouts around my chin, and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve been trying several products to kill these pimples quickly. I decided to pick up the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion based off a Twitter recommendation.

Here’s the product breakdown:


  • Price: $19.00
  • 1 oz
  • Details: A lightweight, quick-absorbing spot treatment specifically designed to target large, under-the-surface bumps or cystic acne breakouts. Buffering Lotion works overnight to help reduce the appearance of existing bumps. Gentle ingredients (like allantoin and niacinamide) help normalize skin and improve the look of troubled areas.
  • Instructions: Shake well before applying directly onto affected areas with clean fingertips. Use every evening. Do not apply anything over the Buffering Lotion (such as moisturizer or night cream). Do not use this as a preventative product; it should only be used when necessary on active blemishes. Do not apply to eye area. If product gets into eyes, rinse well with water.

Let’s get to it — I dislike this product lol. Just like the Briogeo hair mask I just reviewed, this product worked at first, and then stopped. When I first applied this product, it was excellent. I saw those painful pimples that were waiting to form under my skin disappear. It was like this for about a week. When I used this the following week, I had a lot of dryness, and I felt like my skin was breaking out even more.

I’ve noticed that using this led to more chin breakouts. I usually only breakout from stress or when I get lazy washing my face and sleep with my makeup on. I’ve been struggling to get rid of these chin breakouts. I’ve tried 2 products that have been helping, which I’ll review towards the end of December 😉

I used this product according to the instructions at first. I would wash my face, use toner, apply a vitamin C serum and then a little bit of moisturizer. I would pour some of the product on the back of my had dab it onto my pimples with my ring finger. When that stopped working, I ignored the instructions and tried applying the buffering lotion first and then my vitamin C serum and moisturizer. I even added a dab of tea tree oil. That seemed to work for a bit, but then I ran out of tea tree oil. I also thought it was pointless because I would see the same effect as if I were to use tea tree oil alone.

This product is marketed towards oily and combination skin types. The friend that recommended it said it removed her texture. I wanted the same for my chin, but this was hard to work with. Even though I have dry skin, not all products for oily and combination skin types have negative effects on my skin. I decided to pass it along to another friend!

Sad to give 2 bad reviews in a row, but I give the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion 2/5 stars ⭐️⭐️ I’d give it 3 stars if it didn’t dry me out so badly.

Have you tried any of Mario Badescu’s products? What do your recommend? I love one particular product, and I’m reviewing it soon 😉

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Also, tune in everyday for the rest of December for Blogmas! I’m posting a product review every single day!

This was Blogmas Day #2.

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