Happy Birthday, Mom! | My Mom’s Beauty Tips, Thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! | My Mom’s Beauty Tips, Thanks Mom!

I’m lucky enough to have been introduced to makeup, YouTube and fashion by mother. She was more stylish and iconic than Kim Kardashian before she was even born and made her notorious rise to fame. Coincidentally, today is her 21st birthday 😉 I thought it was appropriate to share my mom’s beauty tips as a way to honor her.

If it weren’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post! She actually pushed me to write my blog because she thought I was a talented writer.  Here’s a toast to the woman that fueled my love for beauty and the start of my career 🥂

My mom’s beauty tips are:

Drugstore makeup is good. Don’t feel pressured to spend money.

My mom would buy makeup at the flea market in Dominican Republic because there just wasn’t enough money to be wasting on makeup. My mom remembers that all makeup was pretty bad back in her day anyway. She has seen the evolution of drugstore makeup’s quality.

Never throw away makeup – use it differently or pass it along to someone else.

I’ve had many products that I didn’t like on the first try. I took a break and approached it different way. To my surprise, I ended up falling in love with those products and becoming borderline obsessed. If a product just wasn’t meant for me, I would pass it to my mom or hold onto it until I had someone else to give to. Now, I can just donate it if someone I know doesn’t want it. There’s no need to be wasteful and get rid of products so easily! Check out Project Beauty Share!

Be creative with it.

My mom doesn’t experiment much with makeup looks, but she does encourage me to be bold with it. She tells me that virtually any color looks good on me. She even sends me makeup inspo pictures. She’s actually the one that showed me how to use Pinterest. Mom, what would I do without you?!

Don’t be so harsh with your eyebrows!!

I can’t tell you how many times my mom looked at me and straight up told me that my eyebrows look awful lmfao. She’s very honest and I appreciate that. I could think my brows look amazing and my mom would bring me down to reality. She’s told me that brows are one of the first things people see on your face. I made it my personal goal to improve my eyebrow skills. It’s safe to say that my mom hasn’t pulled me aside for the talk in a while!

Take care of your skin.

My mom has been telling me since birth that I look like a porcelain doll because of my skin lmao. She introduced me to face wash and moisturizer. Her compliments about my skin really got me into taking care of my skin and I can’t thank her enough for it. Strangers compliment my skin often, too. Of course, I have her genetics to thank 😉 thanks for inspiring Skincare Sunday, mom!

What are some things your family taught you about beauty? How have trends changed?

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Thanks for reading! 💋

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  • Wow!!! How cool is that! Awesome, supportive and inspiring mom. Also, how awesome and thoughtful “Project Baeuty Share”. Love it!!

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